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Team Rules And Contract

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    • Attendance to practice is mandatory. missing practice may impact your playing time with some exceptions. practices are the foundations of what we do during games. it is the player and parents responsibilty to inform a Striper reprsentative or coach if he or she will ne missing a game or practice All player are expected to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to practice start and be ready to practice at start time.
    • Proper Baseball attire is required for all practices and games. This includes Baseball pants, Cleats/Turf, cup, HEART GAURD, and team hat.
    • Player attitude is extremely important. At no time will equipment be thrown or abused in frustration or anger. Use of foul language is strictly prohibited even muttered under players breath. Foul language or bad behavior towards opposing players , teammates, coaches, umpires or league officials will result in a warming and then further occurrences will result in suspension or removal from the travel team with no refund.
    • Players are to arrive at the field on time and ready to warm up. Bathroom, Drinks, Eating, etc. should be done before warm up time. Players are expected  to be on time and late arrival will lead to loss of playing time. Players are to stay in the dug out before, during and after the game unless instructed by the coach.
    • It is our intent for the players to learm and play multiple positions throughout the season. During the game a player will be placed where the coach feels it will benifit the team . Parents are prohibited from coaching their own or any other child during a game. parents should refrain from undermining or contracdicting the coach’s  instruction at the games or practices.
    • While it is the intent for the coach to be fair, it is very important to understand that this is TRAVEL BASBEBALL and not little league where playing time is always equal. playing time is determined by the coachand will include many factors including performance, abnility, attendance, attitude, desire adn what is best for the team.
    • Parents or Players are not to ask the coaches about there position changes or playing time on game day or during games. if you feel that your child is not given fair oppertunity basebd on ther ability, you will need to address these issues at the appropriate timewith the coaches before or after game or practice via email. Players are encouraged to speak to the coach themselves about their concerns before or after a practice as well. Parents who wish to speak to a coach or Striper manager are expected to do so in a responsible manner and appropriat time and never informnt of the players and never during a game.
    • If you have a concern about the coaching staff please contact on of the Striper managers to discuss your confidential concerns.
    • SPORTSMANSHIP is expected from all players, coaches, parents and spectators. Everyone is encouraged to cheer positivly for all players on the team. The coahes or Striper management are the only ones that are permitted to to have game conversations with the umpires or league officials. Any parent or guest that is heard commenting negatively to the other team , umpire, coach or player will be warned initiallyand then will be required to leave the field.


Coach Tommy Mair: 516-590-4980
Coach Nari Seemangai: 347-804-4708

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